SPBD Support
Staff and student surveys assessing
perceptions of behavior and discipline
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The 10 Step Process

1. Request the survey http://spbdsupport.com/RequestSurvey to receive your link.
2. Before sending the SPBD link to staff, discuss it with them. This includes classified staff, teachers, and certificated support personnel. Discuss the purpose; logistics; confidentiality; SPBD research & development; and most importantly, the use of the survey data (i.e., How is it not a waste of their time?)
3. Send the link to all staff who work directly with students (e.g., teachers, classified, certificated support personnel).
4. Provide the time, space, & technology to complete it (20 minutes).
5. Check the numbers, and send out a reminder. Strive for a representative sample.
6. A day or two after your survey close date, receive the SPBD data report. After you receive your report, check to see how many responded and by role.
7. Review the quantitative data. Check for trends and indicators of areas of success and areas in need of more growth. Review the "facilitators and barriers" page.
8. Review qualitative data. These data can help contextualize, explain, or "diagnose" problems, identify unexpected strengths, and provide additional insights.
9. Determine how, when, and where you will share these data with staff, along with how you intend to identify priorities from these data alongside of data from other sources (e.g., students, climate, and implementation).
10. Act on the data through training and implementation decisions. Review these session slides for suggestions. If encountering resistance, consider the function. What is the person trying to communicate by resistance? Consider: climate issues such as stress & norms; systems issues such as leadership & resources; and implementer/individual issues such as knowledge, skills, & ideology