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Staff and student surveys assessing
perceptions of behavior and discipline
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Mini StPBD Survey Overview

The Mini-StPBD is a good choice for those schools who already use a climate survey but would like more information about how their PBIS practices are being perceived by their students. This abbreviated survey includes 10 core items that assesses student view of the key elements of PBIS practices in your building, including your schoolwide expectations and your acknowledgement and consequence systems. Like the full StPBD, the mini-StPBD asks students to identify your schoolwide expectations and their most preferred methods of acknowledgement. The mini-StPBD does not contain items under the StPBD domains of student-teacher relationships, family connections, and school climate. Click here to request the survey.
Understanding student perspectives of behavior and discipline is an important step in planning and implementing multi-tiered systems of support, such as schoolwide positive behavior supports (SWPBIS), particularly in middle and high schools. Using student data to inform these efforts can result in higher staff and student investment along with greater fidelity, quality of implementation, and desired outcomes.
We recommend using the Mini StPBD with the Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline (SPBD) to identify systemic strengths or assets along with potential barriers or areas in need of improvement.
The items included on the Mini StPBD are as follows:
  • Someone taught me the [insert name of expectations system] expectations this year.
  • [insert name of expectations system] expectations are posted in all of my classrooms.
  • I like being noticed for following the expectations.
  • I like being rewarded with [insert name of acknowledgement system].
  • Adults in this school notice when you do the right thing.
  • This school is a positive place.
  • I think students at this school are disciplined fairly.
  • I know what will happen if I break a rule at this school.
  • I have received a [insert name of acknowledgement system] at school in the last year.
  • I have been sent to the office for breaking a rule in the past year.
  • What are [insert expectations] schoolwide expectations?
  • What would help you feel valued for your hard work?