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SPBD Reports

Elementary School

This sample report from an elementary school reveals facilitators in the areas of teaching and rewarding expected behaviors, trust in administration, and beliefs about sustainability. Noted identified barriers are common philosophical beliefs about behavior. This school has been implementing SWPBIS for (3) years.

This sample report is from an elementary school in the pre-implementation stage, (e.g., planning). Noted identified facilitators are a common philosophy on teaching behavior and trust in administration. Reported barriers included concerns around common vision and sustainability, as well as malleability of student behavior.

Middle School

This sample report details a middle school in the pre-implementation phase, (e.g., planning) with noted facilitators in the areas of teaching and acknowledging expectations and a history of positive implementation in prior initiatives. Reported barriers included philosophical perceptions of behavior.

High School

This sample report is of a high school in the pre-implementation phase, (e.g., planning). Notable baririers include systemic supports, philosophical views, and systemic cohesion (e.g., unified vision).